Parkour-driven sports game made in Unreal Engine 4
Project Description
Skyshot is a multiplayer sport that combines parkour movement with grappling hooks. Players swing around the arena to pursue the ball, outmaneuver opponents, and score. Soar over your opponents in a futuristic urban landscape as you climb, pull, and shoot for ultimate victory in the Skyshot arena. The aesthetic of Skyshot is industrial, with touches of glass and stone in a big-city environment.
Project Details
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Contribution: Lead Producer, UI Developer, Web Developer
As Lead Producer on Skyshot, I worked on setting long-term milestones for the team and each discipline, which includes Engineering, Design, Art, Audio, and Usability. Each week I made sure every team member was on a task that contributed to the sprint and milestone goals. Additionally, I developed the team's website from scratch, working with an artist and one other engineer to build out the whole site. Halfway throught the game, I took the reins on our UI direction to ensure that we would get all the menus and HUD elements to the level of quality that we wanted by the end of the project. In particular, I implemented the newest iteration of our lobby and main menus. I also served as the point of reference for P4V (Perforce), our version control software, when the team needed support.
AKA: "Hey Izzy, the latest on Perforce is broken and we need you to rollback to a stable point." :')
  • USC Viterbi Senior Design Expo - Fan Favorite (2017)