Narrative detective game created for FireTV, AppleTV, and mobile devices
Project Description
Psychic was the MFA Thesis project of Ascot Smith, the lead of Team Psychic. At its peak, the team had approximately 15 members, mostly artists, animators, and designers. It was also one of six Advanced Game Projects developed at USC for the 2015-2016 school year. It features a psychic detective in a Telltale-style narrative and was initially developed for the Amazon FireTV, though it is now being developed for multiple platforms.
Project Details
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Contribution: Lead Engineer
Ensured the stability of weekly builds and drove engineering decisions for the game. Oversaw and maintained version control for the project using git, Bitbucket, and SourceTree, utilizing different branches for Audio/Art, Design, and Engineering. Extended the Fungus plugin for Unity to work with the FireTV remote and AppleTV remote for choice selection. Programmed all new features for the game, including a versatile input manager for the game to easily switch between PC, Android, iOS, FireTV, or AppleTV. I currently provide engineering support for the game as Ascot prepares it for release on various app stores.
  • Google Play Indie Game Festival - Official Selection (2016)
  • Taco Bell Feed the Beta Program - Official Selection (2016)