Echo Chef
Personal Kitchen Assistant using the Amazon Echo
Project Description
Echo Chef provides a hands-free way to follow recipes while you cook, able to guide you through recipes interactively. Think of it as your personal assistant in the kitchen. Just add your favorite recipes to our web interface and then you can ask Echo Chef anything about them, such as step by step instructions, preheat temperatures, and more. In addition to its functionality in the kitchen, we track the data from the recipes you use and deliver it in an easily digestable way, from the completion time of each recipe, to your most used ingredients.
Project Details
Contribution: Front End Developer
I created the responsive front end for the website using Bootstrap. Developed the splash page and recipe database page, which I populated from our database using PHP with HTML and CSS. Acquired our domain and set up hosting, then made the website live. I also created the form for adding recipes and helped hook up the data to our various charts and graphs.
AWARDS from TreeHacks 2016
  • Illumio - Best Use of Data Visualization