An exploration, survival game for PC and Mac
Project Description
An adventure-survival game where you explore islands and scavenge in the hopes of surviving long enough find a way out of the archipelago. There will be day and night differences, with night time being a particularly dangerous time to be moving around as the island is full of treacherous beasts. Surviving isn’t easy and you’ll have to collect resources to sustain yourself through each day.
Project Details
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Contribution: Designer & Engineer
I created this game with my friend Jasmine Ying in the Intermediate Game Design class at USC taught by Peter Brinson and Richard Lemarchand. Jasmine and I designed all the systems, locations, and objectives of the game together, then split up the engineering work. I tackled the implementation of the UI, audio, day/night cycle, journal, campfire interactions, and more throughout the four months we spent making the game. I also developed metrics to track player behavior and output data that we could easily graph and track in Excel.