Nutrition Tracker built for the Amazon Alexa
Project Description
Artemis is an Amazon Alexa experience that changes the way you engage in fitness and meal tracking. Log your food, caloric intake, and know what the breakdown of your daily diet is with a simple command. All you have to do is tell Artemis that you ate something, and she'll automatically record it for you, retrieve all pertinent nutrition information, and see how it stacks up with your daily goals. Check how you're doing at anytime by asking Artemis, "How am I doing?" or looking up your stats presented in a clear and digestible way at
Project Details
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Contribution: Front End Engineer
Created a dashboard to display nutritional information in a more meaningful way through data visualization. Created charts and graphs using ChartJS for recent meals, caloric variance, food item percentage, water intake, and more. I used PHP and SQL to grab the data for our graphs from from our node.js backend.
AWARDS from TreeHacks 2017
  • Amazon - Best Voice User Experience Using Amazon Alexa
  • Qualtrics - Best Use of Data Visualization
  • Facebook - Top Choice